Wrap Bracelets

Wrap Bracelets are in right now, and I’ve been seeing them all over the place in every color bead/stone and leather/suede cord imaginable. I have seen them in single wrap, double, and more. Over the weekend I decided to try my hand at making them, and here are a few of the ones that I’ve made so far:










Hope you like them!
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New Fall Line: Bohemian Style Necklaces & Bracelets

The bohemian look- at least in jewelry- is back, and I’ve been seeing reflections of it everywhere. I took this picture at this amazing store called 2 Old Hippies (which is kind of like Anthropologie, but even more expensive!).
A good amount of these necklaces were going for almost $700 each- but they were absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways, the bohemian/hippie beaded look for jewelry is an awesome style to use with the earth tones characteristic of fall trends. I still threw in a bit of turquoise, because, well, I love it, and because it makes a nice contrast to the other fall colors. Here are some of the new lakeshore lavaliere bohemian style necklaces and bracelets:ImageImageImage







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More Jewelry in Fall Reds

I am just obsessed with the colors of fall-especially all the different shades of red that show up in the trees as the seasons change. So, I have many pieces for the upcoming months that try to capture the reds of the leaves, like this necklace and pair of earrings:




More fall pieces coming soon!
Necklace and earrings will be available at: etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere by the end of the day
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Necklaces for the Fall

As we shift into the fall season, the color trends shift  as well. Colors of closet staples like the every occasion dress, jacket, shirt or pants for this season reflect a significant amount of black or grey. Accessories & accent clothing pieces in designers’ fall lines change from the pastels, brights, and neons of summer, to earth tones & colors such as red or scarlet, dark orange or rust, and darker purples. For those of us who like to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank, and who want to add a punch of color to the grey /black dress/outfit that is a staple of the fall wardrobe, necklaces that reflect the colors of fall are great accent piece, like this lakeshore lavaliere red stone necklace with a gold elephant pendant:


OR this lakeshore lavaliere rust & mustard colored stone necklace:

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Simple Rose Pendant w/ Turquoise Drop

I’m in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve been looking for inspiration for new jewelry. I’ve seen a ton of simple necklaces, like a pendant on a chain that have a splash of color in them, like this lakeshore lavaliere rose pendant necklace with a turquoise drop stone:


I just love the look of a simple pendant necklace layered with a beaded one! More pictures will be coming soon and this necklace will be available on my site by tomorrow night!

Repurpose Your Junk: Turn a Lamp, Drawer, & a Picture Frame into a Side Table

The other day, I made a trip back to my parents’ house, and my mom had a bunch of old furniture and junk that she was planning on getting rid of. I recently saw an article about turning your junk and old furniture destined for the garbage dump into something new, and thought I would try it. I need a little table in my room to hold my freestanding jewelry holders so I decided to try to make one.




Old Picture Frame: 

Piece of Scrapbook Paper (Joanne Fabrics $1.19): 

Mod Podge: 

Black Paint: (Joanne Fabrics Martha Stewart Black Paint, $1.39)

Gold Paint: (Joanne Martha Stewart Gold Paint, $1.39)

Paint Brushes

Elmer’s Wood Glue (other adhesives could work, I’m sure)

Step 1: 

Cut the lamp cord and unscrew the part where the lightbulb would go, so that you only have the lamp’s base.

Step 2:

Paint the lamp & the picture frame with whatever color you choose. Do the same with the drawer. I painted the lamp and the frame black & painted the drawer gold.

I also painted the matting of the picture frame black because I thought that it would make the colors of the scrapbook paper pop more.

Let Dry.

Step 3:

Coat the lamp base, the picture frame, and the drawer with Mod Podge. It acts as a finish, and dries clear so that it doesn’t affect or change the color of the paint underneath.

Let Dry.

Step 4:

Take the scrapbook paper, cover the back with Mod Podge, and secure it inside the picture frame, (here I did so behind the matting).

Step 5:

Use the wood glue to attach the lamp base to the bottom of the drawer.

Let Dry.

**However, as common sense would dictate, this would only really work if both were made from WOOD. (This goes for Step 6 as well.)

If not, there are other adhesives available that would be better suited to cement different materials together.

Step 6:

Then cover the rim of the top of the drawer with wood glue, and attach the drawer to the  back of the picture frame.

Once the wood glue dries, and I suggest you let it do so overnight, you can use your table!

Hope you like it!

Lakeshore Lavaliere featured on Fashion Website Maurice’s Blog

We were stopped at Lollapalooza by a fashion blogger for the website Maurice’s who was trendspotting for hair accessories- she said she loved our lakeshore lavaliere flower child crown headbands & asked us if she could take a picture for the blog!
Click on the picture below to see the post:

Very flattered!

Fall Headbands

I know it’s only August, but I just love the earthy colors of FALL & since it is just around the corner, I thought I’d start incorporating fall colors into
some of my accessories, like this elastic brown headband with a burgundy flower and leaves:




This fall headband and others like it will be available soon at: etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere

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