Hand Stamped Monogrammed & Initial Bracelets

The lakeshore lavaliere hand stamped brass initial/monogrammed ring, hand stamped sterling silver initial ring,  & the hand stamped nickel & stainless steel initial/monogrammed ring are the two most popular items in the lakeshore lavaliere online shop, so I decided to make them in bangle form! I wanted to make a bangle that was different from most I’ve had in the past in 2 ways. First, I wanted it to be a better fit to the wrist in terms of shape, which was a problem easily solved by purchasing an oval bracelet mandrel, one that sizes bracelets to fit the actual shape of your wrist instead of just a circle. I’m so happy I bought the oval one because from the feedback I’ve gotten, the bracelets actually fit the wrist perfectly, because they are tailored to right size and shape. Second, I wanted to make a bangle that didn’t have to slip over the hand because in my experience, those usually end up completely upside down with the monogrammed/initialed disc on the bottom of my wrist. This happens because when there is no clasp, bangles have to be bigger to fit over your hand, and then they slip around on your wrist when you wear them. This is fine if the bangle has a uniform design, but if there is one part that is supposed to be on top, it’s a real pain. So I decided to create my bangles with a clasp on the bottom to avoid this problem. I designed  a clasp that keeps the bracelet on your wrist while wearing it and that makes it easier to put the bracelet on and take it off. And, since the first bangle pictured below is mine and I’ve been wearing it pretty much daily,  I’m happy to say that the clasp does exactly what I wanted- it keeps the bangle clasped (obvi), allows for the bangle to be the right size for my wrist, and keeps the monogrammed part in place on top of my wrist where it belongs. The lakeshore lavaliere monogrammed bangle also comes in both a brass and sterling silver bangle with a simple initial. 

JPN Brass Bangle 1

Sterling Silver 'A' initial Bracelet 'A' Brass Bangle

  Hope you like them & thanks for reading!

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Monogrammed Tie Bars

Since school has started to pick up as finals near, I haven’t got a chance to post in awhile. Between scrambling to get everything together for finals, having nightmares about the bar exam (which I don’t even take for another year…I guess while I may procrastinate, my subconscious and the nightmares it produces do not), and filling orders, my internet and social media presence for lakeshore lavaliere has been lacking. I also realized that the  lakeshore lavaliere men’s section is a little barren, and since the monogrammed tie clips with the spring have been so popular, I’ve decided to offer another style of tie clip, or rather, a tie bar. I have to give credit where credit is due, however, because the first (the ones with a spring will heretofore be referred to as tie clips, and the ones without springs will be tie bars… maybe that’s what it is supposed to be, but I’ve seen both referred to by both names online and it’s confusing…so…there.)  tie bar came to me as a custom order from my friend and [lakeshore lavaliere spokesmodel 😉 ]  Erik Kabe. It looked so sharp (yep, I’m 90) on him, that I  decided that I should continue to offer the monogrammed tie bar as an option!

Monogrammed Tie Bar

Erik’s is in the traditional monogram style (which I love here), and I used Arial font for his first and middle initials (E & A), and the larger Seymour font for the K. There are also other font and style options by request!

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