Monogrammed Tie Bars

Since school has started to pick up as finals near, I haven’t got a chance to post in awhile. Between scrambling to get everything together for finals, having nightmares about the bar exam (which I don’t even take for another year…I guess while I may procrastinate, my subconscious and the nightmares it produces do not), and filling orders, my internet and social media presence for lakeshore lavaliere has been lacking. I also realized that the  lakeshore lavaliere men’s section is a little barren, and since the monogrammed tie clips with the spring have been so popular, I’ve decided to offer another style of tie clip, or rather, a tie bar. I have to give credit where credit is due, however, because the first (the ones with a spring will heretofore be referred to as tie clips, and the ones without springs will be tie bars… maybe that’s what it is supposed to be, but I’ve seen both referred to by both names online and it’s confusing…so…there.)  tie bar came to me as a custom order from my friend and [lakeshore lavaliere spokesmodel 😉 ]  Erik Kabe. It looked so sharp (yep, I’m 90) on him, that I  decided that I should continue to offer the monogrammed tie bar as an option!

Monogrammed Tie Bar

Erik’s is in the traditional monogram style (which I love here), and I used Arial font for his first and middle initials (E & A), and the larger Seymour font for the K. There are also other font and style options by request!

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Warm Weather Jewelry

Despite being a solid 18 degrees outside in lovely Chicago, 2 days ago was the first official day of spring. So, in order to keep my sanity in a city that more closely resembles a tundra than any beautiful image of greenery and flowers and growth that the word ‘spring’ conjures up in the mind, I have chosen to engage in something called ‘reality control’ (George Orwell’s 1984, anyone?) and try to force myself to see the beautiful reds of the flowers, green of the trees, blues of the lovely ever frigid lake Michigan (which I maintain looks just gray when it’s cold outside, but, okay, reality control). In order to maintain that mindset during this period where the trees look like something out of a bombed out post-Apocalyptic world and the only green I see while running down the lake shore path is provided by Whole Foods bags caught on the spidery branch fingers of the very barren trees, I have decided to surround myself with the warm weather colors by infusing my outfits-and especially my accessories, with them like these coral, turquoise, and green jade necklaces below. If the red, turquoise, and green weren’t bright enough to help me think warm weather thoughts, I complete each of them using sunny bright yellow gold brass chains and findings with a satin gold finish.

turquoise tube bead necklace 2

IMG_0192Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.06.23 PM

IMG_0173 IMG_0168

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New Bohemian Wrap Bracelets

I don’t know what it is about tropical climates that makes me want to make wrap bracelets, but last week I was in Florida, and since there is nothing to do at night for people under 100 years old, several of my nights were spent making new wrap bracelets. I decided to make a few of them longer than the 3 wraps that I previously had done, and with the others, I decided to play around with the boilerplate version of the wrap bracelet by alternating between different sizes and shapes of the beads from wrap to wrap. I know that wrap bracelets are fairly popular, and I wanted to make the lakeshore lavaliere wrap bracelets completely unique– different than the other ones out there!

50 Shades of Green 5x Wrap Bracelet 

  • This bracelet alternates between a variety of different gemstones (jasper, agate, aventurine, jade, unakite), fading from sequence to sequence with different shades of greens. There is also some brown tiger’s eye gemstone and red jasper threaded in to break up the greens and add a pop of color. This is the longest wrap bracelet I have ever made, and because of its length, it doubles as an long beaded necklace that looks awesome paired with a simpler gold chain necklace. 

50 Shades of Green 5x Ombre Wrap Bracelet

Obsidian & Purple Jade Triple Wrap Bracelet 

  • This bracelet has 3 wraps, the 1st and 3rd of which are divided equally in half between two colors. The first wrap is divided between a sequence of faceted white jasper beads and a sequence of violet jasper beads. The third wrap is 1/2 faceted deep purple jade and 1/2 light purple jade. These two layers add a shock of color, and frame a solid layer of larger deep black obsidian cube beads. I love the purple black and white color combination- this bracelet really stands out!


Elephant Blue Jade Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet

  • Here I used a larger size bead (8mm) for both wraps than what I usually use (~6mm), and is a great simple piece for when you don’t want a wider bracelet on your wrist. Woven in amongst the sky blue jade beads, is a pattern of beautiful silver pewter pewter beads culminating in the adorable silver pewter elephant button closure, that both highlights the blue of the gemstones, and adds unique variation to break up the continuous stream of blue. 
  • Style Tip: Wear a double wrap bracelet stacked with other bangles to add that extra pop of color!

IMG_0136 2

Green Lemon Jade & Jasper Gemstone 4x Wrap Bracelet

  • This quadruple wrap bracelet features 4 layers of green lemon jade gemstone beads between layers of black greek leather cord, the first and 4th of which are 6mm, and the 2nd and 3rd of which are 8mm gemstone beads. The vivid combination of silver and lemon jade green beads starkly contrast with the shock of black provided by the leather cord.When worn, the 1st and 4th layers frame the 2nd and 3rd layers and place the focus on those center two wraps, which are raised due to being slightly larger in size. When looking at the bracelet on your wrist, the combination of 6mm and 8mm beads makes the bracelet seem like an autostereogram (one of those optical illusion pictures that once you stare at for a while, creates the illusion that it is 3D), even though it really is 3D to begin with. The lemon jade beads are accented by patterns of different silver pewter spacer beads, ending with a silver tree of life button closure. It is the 2nd longest wrap bracelet I have ever made!




Turquoise Tube Bead & Faceted Tiger’s Eye Gemstone 3x Wrap Bracelet

  • This triple wrap bracelet features two layers of faceted tiger’s eye gemstone beads framing an eye catching & contrasting layer framing a bold turquoise tube bead center wrap. I love how the brown faceted tiger’s eye round beads frame & accent the turquoise tube beads, it really causes the turquoise to stand out (which I love because turquoise is my favorite gemstone to work with and my favorite color.)IMG_0145


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Burnt Orange Filigree Pendant Knit Headband

So the time is coming (not here yet technically, at least in Chicago considering it is supposed to be 65 on Thanksgiving) soon where, if you haven’t already, we are going to have to dig out our hats/headbands and gloves and add them to our winter daily wardrobes. I really have always been  more of a fan of winter knit headbands than hats- they don’t mess up my hair if they have a button in the back so I can take them off and put them on without rubbing them against my hair, and they totally create less static. But, I have always had a hard time finding a knit headband that can double as an accessory, instead of looking like a unisex ugly fleece ski headband. So, after spending the last few winters trying to find a knit headband that could double as a cute accessory to my winter outerwear, I decided to start knitting my own. Yep, I knit. I’ve been thinking about buying a rocking chair and a cat to bat the yarn ball around but I’m allergic to cats and I hate rocking chairs so… that’s out. Anyways, a few years ago I finally started knitting my own headbands, and then began to make some for friends and relatives upon request.  They shared my problems of not being able to find a cute headband, and also not wanting to see a 10 year old boy wearing the exact same one once they settled on the generic unisex fleece headband that we all know we have owned at some point. Now that the weather is getting cold enough to wear these knit headbands, I thought that I’d add them to the lakeshore lavaliere winter line. Here is a burnt orange knit headband with a filigree & stone pendant that I made the other day:


The filigree layers come together to make a flower pendant, and I added an orange/copper patina to the second filigree layer to make it flow with the burnt orange color of the yarn. There is a wooden button closure in the back to put the headband on and take it off without creating a major hair static disaster. The yarn is thick and extremely warm- I have worn my other ones skiing and running in the dead of winter and my ears stayed nice and toasty.

Later today I’m going to add photos of the other colors of yarn available for this headband– I’ve been growing my yarn collection for about 5 years, so there are probably 50 other colors this headband can come in.

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Tree of Life Green Cuff Bracelet

This two toned green tree of life cuff bracelet is a fun addition to my own jewelry collection. These earth tones go with almost everything in my fall wardrobe- and I’m sure with most other peoples’ fall clothing as well. The lighter, more lime green beads will add a pop of color to my darker fall wardrobe without causing this bracelet to clash.




I just got in these new tree of life buttons, and I love how they look with the greens and browns in this bracelet- I will definitely be ordering more.

Replicas of this bracelet will be available in the lakeshore lavaliere online store at by the end of tonight.
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Hand Stamped Brass Washer Name Necklace

This raw brass hand stamped necklace was made by hand stamping the letters into a brass washer. I punched a hole through the washer and through the domed, dapped (dapping is when you use a hammer, here I used the reverse side of a ball peen hammer, to texture a piece of metal) brass blank that I place behind the washer. Adding the blank behind the washer created the contrast that I was looking for to offset the brushed matte finish of the washer. I used an oxidation process to darken the letters so that they really stand out against the gold tone of the brass. I wanted a necklace that was only gold toned so that it would go with any color combination I decide to wear. I didn’t want the necklace to be too plain, so I thought I would play around with the washers and blanks I just got in, the dapping hammer, and my alphabet metal hand stamps, and this necklace was the result:



These necklaces make a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Hand stamped jewelry leaves a deep impression and is made to last, unlike the shallow impressions of engravings. Hand stamped jewelry also has character, as no two pieces can ever be exactly the same— and I’m obsessed with making it!

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More hand stamped pieces will be available this week- tie clips included!

Turquoise and Jasper Turtle Cuff Bracelet & Soldering

This turquoise and jasper turtle cuff bracelet was a custom order for a friend who liked the look of my other turtle cuff bracelet (the one with jasper and green tube beads), but wanted to switch the green tube beads to turquoise ones. I love these turquoise tube beads so I was excited to incorporate them into this project. While making this particular bracelet, I had an advantage- SOLDERING. Last time I had trouble securing the turtle to the bracelet because it only had a loop behind its head, and to make it stay without flopping around, it really needed to have a ring in its belly as well.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to solder for some time; I wanted to learn how to fuse the backs of bracelets, rings, etc., to make sure that they really last. I bought a soldering iron last week, and after much practice, I finally learned. The turtle is really a pendant made for a necklace, and with this particular bracelet, I was able to solder on a ring to create a button-like appearance on the back of the turtle. Knowing how to solder is a great way to transform a piece of metal jewelry/jewelry supply and make it stronger, or obviously, held together better. After soldering the ring to the turtle’s belly, I had the 2nd loop or anchor I needed to solidly attach the turtle to the bracelet.  I loved making this item, learning new techniques, anddddd I love how these cuff bracelets look when used to accent an outfit!


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Wire Jewelry: Hearts & Bird’s Nests

Wire Jewelry is a growing trend, and I’ve begun to see it everywhere. It seems like everybody is accessorizing with wire bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, and I just love the look. Wire jewelry can come in silver, gold, and basically every other color imaginable, and the the possibilities for different designs are endless. Most popular is the wire heart ring (probably because it is the most simple for anyone to make).  I made these in the car (don’t worry I was only driving on side roads, not the expressway), and they were really easy to do:


But, I have seen more elaborate designs for sale online and in a few stores, and I thought I’d give it a try. (Also, I was not actually driving while making heart shaped wire rings, I was a passenger in my mother’s car. I can barely change the radio station while driving, much less craft new pieces of jewelry. Okay, no more parenthesis.) My favorite wire jewelry design that I have seen so far is a tiny bird’s nest on a chain, and here is the lakeshore lavaliere version below:

This lakeshore lavaliere silver wire bird’s nest necklace has real pearls and hangs on a 16 inch silver chain. I love bigger pieces of jewelry, so it’s been awhile since I wore anything as delicate or dainty as this, but I’m obsessed with the look and think it’s time to add some variety into my style choices.

The tiny wire bird’s nest necklace is such a cute way to accessorize any outfit, and the silver and pearls will add a touch of class to any formal or cocktail attire.

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Silver Cameo Cuff Bracelet

Cameos are the perfect accessory if you like the vintage look– they’ve been around so long, even the ancient Greeks made them. A piece of jewelry that features a cameo can be a really great accent to a more formal outfit (but they’re great for everyday wear too!), and can add a classy touch that completes your look. This lakeshore lavaliere silver cameo cuff bracelet with black flowers and a gray liner was a custom order (I loved the customer’s request so much, I’m making myself a similar one!):

This bracelet would look great paired with a black dress and silver earrings!

Just click the pictures to access the listing in the lakeshore lavaliere online store! Other cameos colors and flower colors are available. The liner is also optional, (the customer just imagined hers with gray undertones, so that’s what I did!) Just specify your requests at checkout!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Check back tomorrow for a DIY coaster tutorial, and pictures of custom ordered bridesmaid jewelry!



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Don’t Forget About the Classics

Big colorful statement pieces are great to accent almost any look, but that doesn’t mean the classic, simpler styles are out. Delicate jewelry can be just as effective to accessorize outfits for all occasions, especially on those days where you’d rather let your clothing itself be the focal point of your entire ensemble. Smaller pieces that recall the classic styles of bygone eras are also great for anything from cocktail parties to days when you just want to feel classy-that is, classier than you already are of course ; ). If you like the vintage styles, but want something a little more, try a piece that recalls the classic style, but has a twist, like these silver cuff bracelets with funky yet understated flower bows,




Bracelets available with different colored bows upon request

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