Repurpose Your Junk: Turn a Lamp, Drawer, & a Picture Frame into a Side Table

The other day, I made a trip back to my parents’ house, and my mom had a bunch of old furniture and junk that she was planning on getting rid of. I recently saw an article about turning your junk and old furniture destined for the garbage dump into something new, and thought I would try it. I need a little table in my room to hold my freestanding jewelry holders so I decided to try to make one.




Old Picture Frame: 

Piece of Scrapbook Paper (Joanne Fabrics $1.19): 

Mod Podge: 

Black Paint: (Joanne Fabrics Martha Stewart Black Paint, $1.39)

Gold Paint: (Joanne Martha Stewart Gold Paint, $1.39)

Paint Brushes

Elmer’s Wood Glue (other adhesives could work, I’m sure)

Step 1: 

Cut the lamp cord and unscrew the part where the lightbulb would go, so that you only have the lamp’s base.

Step 2:

Paint the lamp & the picture frame with whatever color you choose. Do the same with the drawer. I painted the lamp and the frame black & painted the drawer gold.

I also painted the matting of the picture frame black because I thought that it would make the colors of the scrapbook paper pop more.

Let Dry.

Step 3:

Coat the lamp base, the picture frame, and the drawer with Mod Podge. It acts as a finish, and dries clear so that it doesn’t affect or change the color of the paint underneath.

Let Dry.

Step 4:

Take the scrapbook paper, cover the back with Mod Podge, and secure it inside the picture frame, (here I did so behind the matting).

Step 5:

Use the wood glue to attach the lamp base to the bottom of the drawer.

Let Dry.

**However, as common sense would dictate, this would only really work if both were made from WOOD. (This goes for Step 6 as well.)

If not, there are other adhesives available that would be better suited to cement different materials together.

Step 6:

Then cover the rim of the top of the drawer with wood glue, and attach the drawer to the  back of the picture frame.

Once the wood glue dries, and I suggest you let it do so overnight, you can use your table!

Hope you like it!


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