Warm Weather Jewelry

Despite being a solid 18 degrees outside in lovely Chicago, 2 days ago was the first official day of spring. So, in order to keep my sanity in a city that more closely resembles a tundra than any beautiful image of greenery and flowers and growth that the word ‘spring’ conjures up in the mind, I have chosen to engage in something called ‘reality control’ (George Orwell’s 1984, anyone?) and try to force myself to see the beautiful reds of the flowers, green of the trees, blues of the lovely ever frigid lake Michigan (which I maintain looks just gray when it’s cold outside, but, okay, reality control). In order to maintain that mindset during this period where the trees look like something out of a bombed out post-Apocalyptic world and the only green I see while running down the lake shore path is provided by Whole Foods bags caught on the spidery branch fingers of the very barren trees, I have decided to surround myself with the warm weather colors by infusing my outfits-and especially my accessories, with them like these coral, turquoise, and green jade necklaces below. If the red, turquoise, and green weren’t bright enough to help me think warm weather thoughts, I complete each of them using sunny bright yellow gold brass chains and findings with a satin gold finish.

turquoise tube bead necklace 2

IMG_0192Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.06.23 PM

IMG_0173 IMG_0168

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New Bohemian Wrap Bracelets

I don’t know what it is about tropical climates that makes me want to make wrap bracelets, but last week I was in Florida, and since there is nothing to do at night for people under 100 years old, several of my nights were spent making new wrap bracelets. I decided to make a few of them longer than the 3 wraps that I previously had done, and with the others, I decided to play around with the boilerplate version of the wrap bracelet by alternating between different sizes and shapes of the beads from wrap to wrap. I know that wrap bracelets are fairly popular, and I wanted to make the lakeshore lavaliere wrap bracelets completely unique– different than the other ones out there!

50 Shades of Green 5x Wrap Bracelet 

  • This bracelet alternates between a variety of different gemstones (jasper, agate, aventurine, jade, unakite), fading from sequence to sequence with different shades of greens. There is also some brown tiger’s eye gemstone and red jasper threaded in to break up the greens and add a pop of color. This is the longest wrap bracelet I have ever made, and because of its length, it doubles as an long beaded necklace that looks awesome paired with a simpler gold chain necklace. 

50 Shades of Green 5x Ombre Wrap Bracelet

Obsidian & Purple Jade Triple Wrap Bracelet 

  • This bracelet has 3 wraps, the 1st and 3rd of which are divided equally in half between two colors. The first wrap is divided between a sequence of faceted white jasper beads and a sequence of violet jasper beads. The third wrap is 1/2 faceted deep purple jade and 1/2 light purple jade. These two layers add a shock of color, and frame a solid layer of larger deep black obsidian cube beads. I love the purple black and white color combination- this bracelet really stands out!


Elephant Blue Jade Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelet

  • Here I used a larger size bead (8mm) for both wraps than what I usually use (~6mm), and is a great simple piece for when you don’t want a wider bracelet on your wrist. Woven in amongst the sky blue jade beads, is a pattern of beautiful silver pewter pewter beads culminating in the adorable silver pewter elephant button closure, that both highlights the blue of the gemstones, and adds unique variation to break up the continuous stream of blue. 
  • Style Tip: Wear a double wrap bracelet stacked with other bangles to add that extra pop of color!

IMG_0136 2

Green Lemon Jade & Jasper Gemstone 4x Wrap Bracelet

  • This quadruple wrap bracelet features 4 layers of green lemon jade gemstone beads between layers of black greek leather cord, the first and 4th of which are 6mm, and the 2nd and 3rd of which are 8mm gemstone beads. The vivid combination of silver and lemon jade green beads starkly contrast with the shock of black provided by the leather cord.When worn, the 1st and 4th layers frame the 2nd and 3rd layers and place the focus on those center two wraps, which are raised due to being slightly larger in size. When looking at the bracelet on your wrist, the combination of 6mm and 8mm beads makes the bracelet seem like an autostereogram (one of those optical illusion pictures that once you stare at for a while, creates the illusion that it is 3D), even though it really is 3D to begin with. The lemon jade beads are accented by patterns of different silver pewter spacer beads, ending with a silver tree of life button closure. It is the 2nd longest wrap bracelet I have ever made!




Turquoise Tube Bead & Faceted Tiger’s Eye Gemstone 3x Wrap Bracelet

  • This triple wrap bracelet features two layers of faceted tiger’s eye gemstone beads framing an eye catching & contrasting layer framing a bold turquoise tube bead center wrap. I love how the brown faceted tiger’s eye round beads frame & accent the turquoise tube beads, it really causes the turquoise to stand out (which I love because turquoise is my favorite gemstone to work with and my favorite color.)IMG_0145


To access the above listings in the lakeshore lavaliere online shop….. Just Click the Pictures!


Go to etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere to browse the different shop sections/ inquire about a custom order:If you have any questions, or would like to make a request for a custom order while browsing the lakeshore lavaliere  online shop,  Etsy convo me by clicking ‘contact’on the left hand side of the page

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Custom Ordered Turquoise Tube Triple Wrap Bracelet

I recently received a custom order for 3 wrap bracelets, and I was verrrry excited to try out the first bracelet in the order, the triple wrap bracelet, with my new turquoise tube beads. I love the way this style bracelet look with the round/spherical beads, and also with the cones, but the evenness of the tube beads to me just looks extremely cool. The three wraps just line up so nicely next to each other on my wrist. This lakeshore lavaliere triple wrap turquoise tube bead bracelet is made with brown silk thread and brown suede cord….


and is topped off with an antique gold button for the clasp/closure. After making this one, I decided I am definitely going to purchase more tube beads in different colors- so let me know if you have any requests for colors! Now I have to go back to making the other 2 bracelets from this order!

This design is available in the lakeshore lavaliere online shop, just click the pictures to access the listing!

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New York Supply Trip!

I’m in New York, and yesterday I decided to wander around and try to find a jewelry supply store, but google maps on my phone clearly wasn’t working. I typed in bead stores, and the whole screen lit up with red pins as if I’d asked google maps to, I don’t know, somehow give me directions to like, all of the people within a 5 block radius. Not possible. But, as I’m shuffling forward perplexedly staring at my phone, I look up only to realize that I have run into 5 solid blocks of bead and jewelry supply stores. It was Mecca for jewelry makers. As I walked from store to store, looking in the windows, I found:


It was a sign. So, I went inside this store, and several others, and bought some supplies to fill custom orders, and to stock up.

I’m going to make a trip back to that little strip of Heaven over there today, so, if anyone has any more custom orders or requests, get them in now so that I can go purchase the materials today. 

Here are just a few pictures of some of the materials I picked up:


Turquoise & Howlite Stones


ImageAll Things Green






Brown & Ivory Colored Stones


Image Elephant Pendants, (Silver& Gold), Flower Pendants, Cowboy Hat Pendants, More Flowers!




If you see anything here you would like to be made into a piece, or would like to make requests for materials, contact:


New Lakeshore Lavaliere Customer Photos!

For dresses with simple necklines, a statement necklace like this one above with the pendant are a great accessory. They can add sophistication to a simple styled dress & draw the eye upward, highlighting your collarbone and adding punch to your dress all at once.


Headbands are a great way to keep your hair out of your face, or tame your wild bangs on hot & humid summer days- no matter what age you are! Unless you have an enchanted straightener that can magically defy the humidity and make your hair fall silky straight and smooth- in which case, please contact me privately by email and I think we can do some business- don an elastic headband like the one above. Leave your bangs & the hair that frames your face alone and sleep in an extra 20 minutes.

Necklace & Headband available on etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere

Questions/Comments/Custom Orders to: lakeshorelavaliere@gmail.com 

Lakeshore Lavaliere Customer Photos

Here are some recent photos of wonderful lakeshore lavaliere customers & more new available pieces!


Yes, it’s been proven, the headbands will stay on the heads of small children.

Have 2 or 3 necklaces you want to wear and can’t decide which one to choose? Layered & stacked jewelry is in, so stop worrying and wear them both (all)!

To buy any of these pieces: etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere

Questions/Comments/Custom Orders: lakeshorelavaliere@gmail.com

New Hair Clips: Sorry Grandma, Black & Brown DO Go Together

We’ve all had that problem… You know, the dilemma where you have a really great black shirt you want to wear and super cute brown boots, OR, great black boots, butttt you’ve been dying to wear that new brown purse – basically the problem of having to choose to wear black or brown because somewhere along the line we were told that black and brown clash. Well, there’s good news, people everywhere are starting to throw away the book of rigid style rules their grandmas gave them- and are wearing colors and patterns together that “just don’t go”. If you’re too nervous to toss the entire rule book out the window, take baby steps! We’ll look the other way if you want to hang on to your panty hose like an adult security blanket, but go ahead and wear that black shirt with the awesome brown boots &  tie it all together with an accessory that incorporates both, like this new flowered hair clip:


Available in a variety of different flower colors upon request AND with an elastic headband instead of clip

To Buy: www.etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere

Questions/Custom Requests: www.lakeshorelavaliere@gmail.com

New Rings!

Large rings with stones are everywhere right now, and are a great way to supplement a statement necklace, larger attention grabbing earrings, or even a headband with a pendant/big flower when you want to wear another accessory but don’t want your outfit to look too crowded or busy. Large necklaces coupled with large earrings are often too much, can look gaudy or tacky when worn together, and can even add visual weight to your face and head- no matter how classy/cute they are when they are worn separately. Rings however, are far enough away where they don’t add any more visual weight to your face/head, and don’t detract from any headbands, earrings, or necklaces that you might be wearing. They are a great way to accessorize an outfit without going overboard!



$9, go to: www.etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere to buy!