Alice in Wonderland Turquoise & Black Cuff Bracelet

This whimsical cuff bracelet was inspired by my FAVORITE book when I was a little girl- Alice in Wonderland. I spent weeks wandering around my yard looking hoping to find rabbit holes to fall down or a talking disappearing cat hanging out in one of our trees after I first read about Alice’s adventures. I was always my mother’s daughter however, and did not search for anything labeled ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’ as she had me convinced that the candy was probably poisoned. So, my first thought upon finding any such bottles or cakes that appeared to help me get into Wonderland would have been that they placed in my yard solely to serve some nefarious purpose. (You have to admit that, outside of Lewis Carroll’s imagination, bottles left out labeled ‘drink me’ & cakes labeled ‘eat me’ probbbbabbblyy aren’t there to aid anyone in any fairy-tale adventures…) But, that’s neither here nor there….I digress. I never encountered any rabbit hole portals to any fairy-tale lands, nor did I encounter a fat grinning philosophizing cat- but I still love the story. The often nonsensical fantasy will always have a special place in my heart- which is why I had to have the pendant(s) depicting Alice with the Cheshire Cat as he sits in his tree. When I started making this cuff bracelet, the specific shade of the turquoise reminded me of an Alice in Wonderland costume I once wore (okay more than once), and I realized that the Alice in Wonderland themed pendant would complete this piece:

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Turtle Cuff Bracelet

I’m not going to lie- I made this turtle cuff bracelet with green tube beads & jasper round beads for myself. I wear a ton of earth tones in all seasons, and when these beads came in, I fell in love with the way the greens of the tube beads accented the brown swirls of the jasper beads. I knew I wanted to make a piece that incorporated  both, so I decided to bring them together in this 4 layer cuff bracelet.

I’m kind of obsessed with cuff bracelets right now & I’ll definitely be making more in a variety of different colors- so look out for upcoming posts with pictures of new cuff bracelets and other pieces!

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Metal Stamping

When I went shopping recently, I happened to pass by a rack with a group of necklaces that had letters stamped into them, resulting in a look was sort of like engravings. The store had a bunch of different letters so that people could buy necklaces with their initials stamped on them, and I really liked the idea of a pendant stamped with my initials, name etc. (but I hated the rest of the necklace because it looked like it would break in the shopping bag on the way home). So, I decided to try and learn how to do metal stamping myself, and decided to start with stamping letters like the ones I saw at the store.There are a variety of metal stamps out there that have pictures and tons of other really cool designs on them, but I was set on learning how to do letters (which I now know is much harder than pictures or designs), so that is what I have been working on. The alphabet stamp sets come with each letter raised from the bottom of a steel post,


and you have to line them up perfectly to make sure the letters are straight, space them the exact same distance apart so they don’t get crowded in one area of a word and spread out in another, and also you have to hit them just at the right angle or they will move and come out looking like the letters are tipping over, etc. And, it’s really hard to line the stamps up perfectly straight, considering the bottom of the stamps are circles… (this seems like a ridiculous design defect to me, but who am I to say anything about the process of metal stamp making?)  But, after much practice, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it:


The metal blanks were made for jewelry, but I decided to turn this one into a dog tag for the furry little love of my life



Anyways, I will soon be taking orders for metal stamped jewelry with names and initials, and will be putting some pieces up on the lakeshore lavaliere online store within the week!

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Wire Jewelry: Hearts & Bird’s Nests

Wire Jewelry is a growing trend, and I’ve begun to see it everywhere. It seems like everybody is accessorizing with wire bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, and I just love the look. Wire jewelry can come in silver, gold, and basically every other color imaginable, and the the possibilities for different designs are endless. Most popular is the wire heart ring (probably because it is the most simple for anyone to make).  I made these in the car (don’t worry I was only driving on side roads, not the expressway), and they were really easy to do:


But, I have seen more elaborate designs for sale online and in a few stores, and I thought I’d give it a try. (Also, I was not actually driving while making heart shaped wire rings, I was a passenger in my mother’s car. I can barely change the radio station while driving, much less craft new pieces of jewelry. Okay, no more parenthesis.) My favorite wire jewelry design that I have seen so far is a tiny bird’s nest on a chain, and here is the lakeshore lavaliere version below:

This lakeshore lavaliere silver wire bird’s nest necklace has real pearls and hangs on a 16 inch silver chain. I love bigger pieces of jewelry, so it’s been awhile since I wore anything as delicate or dainty as this, but I’m obsessed with the look and think it’s time to add some variety into my style choices.

The tiny wire bird’s nest necklace is such a cute way to accessorize any outfit, and the silver and pearls will add a touch of class to any formal or cocktail attire.

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New Fall Line: Bohemian Style Necklaces & Bracelets

The bohemian look- at least in jewelry- is back, and I’ve been seeing reflections of it everywhere. I took this picture at this amazing store called 2 Old Hippies (which is kind of like Anthropologie, but even more expensive!).
A good amount of these necklaces were going for almost $700 each- but they were absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways, the bohemian/hippie beaded look for jewelry is an awesome style to use with the earth tones characteristic of fall trends. I still threw in a bit of turquoise, because, well, I love it, and because it makes a nice contrast to the other fall colors. Here are some of the new lakeshore lavaliere bohemian style necklaces and bracelets:ImageImageImage







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Necklaces for the Fall

As we shift into the fall season, the color trends shift  as well. Colors of closet staples like the every occasion dress, jacket, shirt or pants for this season reflect a significant amount of black or grey. Accessories & accent clothing pieces in designers’ fall lines change from the pastels, brights, and neons of summer, to earth tones & colors such as red or scarlet, dark orange or rust, and darker purples. For those of us who like to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank, and who want to add a punch of color to the grey /black dress/outfit that is a staple of the fall wardrobe, necklaces that reflect the colors of fall are great accent piece, like this lakeshore lavaliere red stone necklace with a gold elephant pendant:


OR this lakeshore lavaliere rust & mustard colored stone necklace:

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Simple Rose Pendant w/ Turquoise Drop

I’m in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve been looking for inspiration for new jewelry. I’ve seen a ton of simple necklaces, like a pendant on a chain that have a splash of color in them, like this lakeshore lavaliere rose pendant necklace with a turquoise drop stone:


I just love the look of a simple pendant necklace layered with a beaded one! More pictures will be coming soon and this necklace will be available on my site by tomorrow night!

Turquoise Necklaces & Elephants

Turquoise Chain Necklaces:

Simple chain necklaces with turquoise beads are great pieces to wear alone:

or layered with other necklaces:

A simple turquoise beaded necklace with a small pendant is also a great accessory if you aren’t into the layered look. Necklaces with small pendants are a cool way to use a necklace make a statement without creating too much visual weight (as larger pendants can do), and can be accented with other jewelry without making you look too over accessorized. I saw these elephants in NYC and knew they would be perfect to make into small pendants- (and I just LOVE elephants):

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Fringed Necklaces

Fringe is back in! It can be seen on anything- boots, shirts, purses, you name it. The fringe look has a hippie vibe, and also a vintage-y feel so I just had to see how it would turn out when applied to jewelry:



Fringed Cameo & Lavaliere Pendant Necklace coming soon:

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New York Supply Trip!

I’m in New York, and yesterday I decided to wander around and try to find a jewelry supply store, but google maps on my phone clearly wasn’t working. I typed in bead stores, and the whole screen lit up with red pins as if I’d asked google maps to, I don’t know, somehow give me directions to like, all of the people within a 5 block radius. Not possible. But, as I’m shuffling forward perplexedly staring at my phone, I look up only to realize that I have run into 5 solid blocks of bead and jewelry supply stores. It was Mecca for jewelry makers. As I walked from store to store, looking in the windows, I found:


It was a sign. So, I went inside this store, and several others, and bought some supplies to fill custom orders, and to stock up.

I’m going to make a trip back to that little strip of Heaven over there today, so, if anyone has any more custom orders or requests, get them in now so that I can go purchase the materials today. 

Here are just a few pictures of some of the materials I picked up:


Turquoise & Howlite Stones


ImageAll Things Green






Brown & Ivory Colored Stones


Image Elephant Pendants, (Silver& Gold), Flower Pendants, Cowboy Hat Pendants, More Flowers!




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