Bib Necklaces

Today’s post is allll about bib necklaces– after making the turquoise and coral bohemian bib necklace to spice up my blah outfit choices during this bleak Chicago winter (ignore that yesterday was 65 degrees outside…I have faith that later today or tomorrow it will be frigid and bleak and drop back down to the single digits) I really fell in love with creating different pieces in this style. Each bib necklace can be completely different despite the fact that they all essentially are a combination of several layers of bead strands of increasing lengths. They can be loud or even muted depending on the color, they can be bohemian but also classic (i.e. silver accents with pearls)- there are so many different options to create a necklace like the two lakeshore lavaliere bib necklaces below by starting with the same design.

5 strand pewter and turquoise bib necklace 2

Turquoise, Onyx & Pewter 5 strand Elephant Bib Necklace

5 strand turquoise and pewter bib necklace purple beaded bib necklace 2Jasper, Jade, and Brass 4 Strand Bib Necklace purple beaded bib necklace

Different gemstones, metals, pendants and bead combinations make each one completely unique and change the way any necklace highlights or accents an outfit, but with a type of necklace that is as large as a bib necklace, the colors and components really do shape the style of your outfit or the statement that it makes. Funky and loud or muted and classic, I think bib necklaces might be my new favorite style for 2013.

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Purple Turquoise Cube Bead Wrap Bracelet

This is going to be a reallllly quick post as I am out of town, but I felt like I was neglecting my site, and I don’t like to do that! This purple turquoise cube bead wrap bracelet was a custom order for a tube bead bracelet similar to the turquoise triple wrap tube bead bracelet- but with purple beads. (I also was given some creative license to experiment, thank God, because the hunt for the materials for this bracelet, and then making it, definitely required some creativity.) Purple tube beads are literally IMPOSSIBLE to find, and after searching every place and website I could think of, I came across these purple turquoise cube beads, and fell in love. The seller had only one 15 inch strand in stock, so there weren’t enough beads to complete the third wrap around. Since the request was for a silver button closure, I thought I would use the silver cube beads that I thankfully had to finish the third wrap around and frame the silver button closure. This bracelet was the result (and I think that despite the adjustments I had to make, it came out pretty well if I do say so myself!):



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Triple Wrap Black Leather Bracelet w/ Purple Fluorite Beads

Lately I find that I have really been obsessed with the color purple, and I love how it looks with black. This triple wrap black leather bracelet with purple fluorite beads was borne out of that obsession (and I’m wearing it right now!):


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Baby Headbands!

Recently, I was asked if I would make headbands for babies. I loved the idea! So, I decided to make this pink cloth headband, with soft pink elastic on the sides and velcro at the back to make it even easier to get on and off. I added the (lightweight) purple flower and some accent embellishments to the sides:   This is the first one, but these headbands will soon be available in a variety of colors!  Requests to: Purchase:

Don’t Forget About the Classics

Big colorful statement pieces are great to accent almost any look, but that doesn’t mean the classic, simpler styles are out. Delicate jewelry can be just as effective to accessorize outfits for all occasions, especially on those days where you’d rather let your clothing itself be the focal point of your entire ensemble. Smaller pieces that recall the classic styles of bygone eras are also great for anything from cocktail parties to days when you just want to feel classy-that is, classier than you already are of course ; ). If you like the vintage styles, but want something a little more, try a piece that recalls the classic style, but has a twist, like these silver cuff bracelets with funky yet understated flower bows,




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