Custom Ordered Family Brass Family Name Necklace & Ring

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted- with finals and holiday orders picking up right at the same time, it’s been a little difficult to keep up with the blog! Anyways, I finally have a second to post about some of the recent custom orders I’ve gotten.

The first picture is of a monogrammed brass ring, and although the monogrammed brass ring has been available for some time now, this one features a different font, and different sizes of that font to create the traditional monogram style. The  first letter of the last name is in the center, and it is a larger  size than the initials of the first and middle names that bookend it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit, because the brass blank is very small and this font is much larger than the Aras font that I have been using, but it ended up being a perfect fit, and I love the way it turned out!

MFC ring

This hand stamped brass family name necklace was purchased as a Christmas gift by the customer for her mother, and has the first initials of her parents on the top brass round, and the names of the children around the edges of the bottom brass round. This was my first experiment with using the uppercase and the lowercase letters together (because they are already super hard to line up when they are the same size, and I was worried that they weren’t going to be straight or even), and once I finished, I was really glad I did. It ended up looking like it would if they were typed out, and the different cases and font sizes definitely add some interesting variation to this all brass necklace. I’m going to make one for my mom!

Brass Family Name Necklace Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.22.28 AM

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Green, Black, & Silver Bohemian Jewelry Set

This green, black, and silver floral bohemian beaded necklace, along with the earrings (and a bracelet that is still a work in progress), were part of a custom order for a matching set. Similar in design to the  whimsical bohemian necklace I posted last week, this necklace measures 16-17 inches- falling just over the collarbone. This necklace is elegant, whimsical, and fun, and definitely is versatile enough to be worn with any style of dress- although it was made to be worn for a more formal cocktail event.

Quick Style Tips (and several tangents) On Accessorizing Different Levels of Attire: 

Obviously the style of necklace you wear depends on what event you are dressing for.  Shorter necklaces, sometimes called chokers (depending on the length), are usually the best accessories for the traditional formal dress styles.  (Side note: it is really difficult for me to refer to these necklaces as chokers, because to me, chokers invoke images of those black stretchy necklaces made from a pair of old tights, or the plastic, barbed wire looking ones most memorably worn by the Spice Girls. However, fashion is constantly evolving and so is the terminology, so I will try to move past it.) 

As I said before, for formal event, a necklace with a shorter length (like this one) with either a drop pendant, stone, or charm is usually the most appropriate & the safest bet style-wise- as long as the neckline of your dress is, as with most formal dresses, an (appropriately) dropped neckline. If the neckline is too low, that would make the dress a style called Jersey Shore Reality TV Formal, which, translated, is a style, as recognized by the rest of the world, simply called ‘trashy’.  (This style is not to be confused with those worn by the unfortunate residents of the Jersey Shore who have no MTV ties.)  A finish with some sort of metal, and not leather or suede, which (for the most part) are materials that tend to imply a more casual look, is also best for dressier occasions.

Ok, back to this jewelry set. Annnnyways, I loved making this set because I was able to take my time (this awesome buyer gave me almost a month of advanced notice and time to work) and include so much intricate detail, highlighting each bead by using the headpins as links between the beads. I love the way the different shades of green in the jade beads, the translucent murano glass beads, and the freckled green ceramic beads create such a great range of color without clashing, and how they create such a nice contrast to the black onyx tube beads and the silver metal embellishments. In the earrings, as well as the bracelet (which is not pictured because it is still in progress) I used some of the different components of the necklace, but didn’t use all of them in both, nor did I repeat the exact combinations I used because, a. that would be boring, and b. I think that a matching set should have variations among the pieces. Without variation, the pieces work together can be too much, too matchy-matchy, or slightly overpowering and tacky. This is just my opinion, butttt it’s basically a fact. ; ) Later, I will add pictures of the finished bracelet to show how the pieces go together to create a set, but for now, here are the necklace and earrings:

IMG_3812 IMG_3813

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Whimsical Bohemian Rose Necklace

It’s been awhile since I made a piece that was reflective of the whimsical bohemian style that I started with when I first began making jewelry- so I thought it was time to get back to my roots. I started making this necklace with no particular design in mind- I just knew that I wanted to make something whimsical, bohemian- maybe even incorporate a woodlands theme. The green and peach beads definitely came together with the rose, the swallow, charm, the antique brass branch/leaf connectors, and the filigree pendant on which I mounted the rose. I kept the necklace short, because I envisioned it work with a v-neck or resting just on the collarbone. My lovely roommate graciously lent me her collarbone to gauge the length, and after seeing it on her, I think that I accomplished my goal of going back to my bohemian roots- and, also, I reallllyyyy loved the way it looked on her:

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Hand Stamped Brass Family Name Necklace

I have been thinking about what I wanted to give my mom this Christmas, and I knew I wanted it to be something personal. Since her favorite thing in the world is our family, I thought I would make a necklace for her that incorporated the names of our family. (Even though I am posting it here, I know it will still be a surprise because she would never have any idea how to get to this blog ). This brass necklace is stamped with all of our names, and is like a little family tree; my parents’ initials are stamped in the middle on the brass blank, and my name and my sister’s name are stamped around the outside of the washer:

These make great holiday gifts for a mother or a grandmother!

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Hand Stamped Brass Washer Name Necklace

This raw brass hand stamped necklace was made by hand stamping the letters into a brass washer. I punched a hole through the washer and through the domed, dapped (dapping is when you use a hammer, here I used the reverse side of a ball peen hammer, to texture a piece of metal) brass blank that I place behind the washer. Adding the blank behind the washer created the contrast that I was looking for to offset the brushed matte finish of the washer. I used an oxidation process to darken the letters so that they really stand out against the gold tone of the brass. I wanted a necklace that was only gold toned so that it would go with any color combination I decide to wear. I didn’t want the necklace to be too plain, so I thought I would play around with the washers and blanks I just got in, the dapping hammer, and my alphabet metal hand stamps, and this necklace was the result:



These necklaces make a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Hand stamped jewelry leaves a deep impression and is made to last, unlike the shallow impressions of engravings. Hand stamped jewelry also has character, as no two pieces can ever be exactly the same— and I’m obsessed with making it!

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More hand stamped pieces will be available this week- tie clips included!

Marisa On Accessorizing Your Look With Bracelets

I wanted to branch out with the subjects of these blog posts, and when my roommate suggested doing a post on different ways to accessorize your look with jewelry, I was all over it. Before I buy any piece of jewelry, clothing, purse, accessory, etc., I like to try to visualize how it fits with the items that I already own, but sometimes this can be hard.

(if only we all had a computerized rotating closet like Cher’s in Clueless…)

(buttttt…..maybe not with the styles of the mid-90s)

Since we don’t, sometimes it’s nice to see how other people put together their outfits and how they accessorize them. For this blog’s first foray into the style advisory world, Marisa is going to talk about accessorizing with bracelets by stacking them:

Stacking by Marisa 

M: I love my two watches, but I hate wearing the same accessories every day. Stacking different bracelets against my watches has been a great way to switch up my look without spending a ton of money on trendy or junky watches. By stacking a variety of bracelets around my watches, I am able to continually wear the watches as staple pieces and still give my look a fun and trendy edge.

M: Here, I used to just wear my watch and the two bangles. But I love the addition of the gold chain & black string bracelet (courtesy of me, courtesy of my dad, courtesy of Brooks Bros. ). The charms on the bracelet give it depth and the string adds texture to the combination it was lacking. I also think the chain helps to even out the structure of the red bangle. My preppy side loves the red kate spade bangle, but the Brooks Bros. chain bracelet gives it a little boho streak. (gotta love boho jewelry!) 

M: Having a roommate who makes jewelry has also given me so many new options to wear with my existing jewelry and watches.

  • This is true, Marisa is my own personal model and guinea pig for all my new pieces, not to mention one of my best customers. 

M: This look I like a lot for going to class. It’s interesting, but not overpowering.

M: So the bracelet pictured is actually a lakeshore lavaliere necklace! I wrapped the necklace and draped it around my watch to fit as a bracelet. Tip: If you try this with a necklace and it doesn’t fit perfectly, try playing around with the strands over your watch, it helps even it out if a little big. I love how this one piece of jewelry looks like 4 next to my watch.

  • Love the creativity here. Here’s the necklace that she used:                                                                            An alternative to using this necklace as a bracelet is: 

M: Finally, sometimes I like a minimalistic look with my silver watch. This watch is so prominent on its own, I didn’t know what to wear with it at first. I’ve added my own bangle and a lakeshore lavaliere bangle. I love that these two bracelets are so delicate, but still are individually intricate. The pearls on this bracelet are unexpected, and I think that’s what this look accomplishes. It takes a classic style and makes it interesting. Perfect for a situation where you need to be polished, but still want some style.

M: That’s my take on stacking bracelets and integrating new and different types of jewelry with your existing jewelry and watches. Thanks for reading!

  • One final lakeshore lavaliere style tip: Go out and get this accessory that will beautifully accent any of these looks-and any others- today:

lakeshore lavaliere thanks you, Marisa, for sharing your fun style tips and information! We will soon continue this foray into the world of style advice, so look for new posts, tweets, pins, etc., and follow this blog to let you know when we post the new style advice column.

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New Necklaces & Earrings

This necklace & earrings are a custom ordered set- I just love the way that purple and gold go together:


Necklace Duplicates also available for purchase: OR just click on the pictures  to go directly to the listing in my online store!

Look for more pictures of new flower girl crown headbands for Lolla before the end of today, as well as new necklaces for purchase!