Tree of Life Green Cuff Bracelet

This two toned green tree of life cuff bracelet is a fun addition to my own jewelry collection. These earth tones go with almost everything in my fall wardrobe- and I’m sure with most other peoples’ fall clothing as well. The lighter, more lime green beads will add a pop of color to my darker fall wardrobe without causing this bracelet to clash.




I just got in these new tree of life buttons, and I love how they look with the greens and browns in this bracelet- I will definitely be ordering more.

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Turquoise and Jasper Turtle Cuff Bracelet & Soldering

This turquoise and jasper turtle cuff bracelet was a custom order for a friend who liked the look of my other turtle cuff bracelet (the one with jasper and green tube beads), but wanted to switch the green tube beads to turquoise ones. I love these turquoise tube beads so I was excited to incorporate them into this project. While making this particular bracelet, I had an advantage- SOLDERING. Last time I had trouble securing the turtle to the bracelet because it only had a loop behind its head, and to make it stay without flopping around, it really needed to have a ring in its belly as well.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to solder for some time; I wanted to learn how to fuse the backs of bracelets, rings, etc., to make sure that they really last. I bought a soldering iron last week, and after much practice, I finally learned. The turtle is really a pendant made for a necklace, and with this particular bracelet, I was able to solder on a ring to create a button-like appearance on the back of the turtle. Knowing how to solder is a great way to transform a piece of metal jewelry/jewelry supply and make it stronger, or obviously, held together better. After soldering the ring to the turtle’s belly, I had the 2nd loop or anchor I needed to solidly attach the turtle to the bracelet.  I loved making this item, learning new techniques, anddddd I love how these cuff bracelets look when used to accent an outfit!


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