Warm Weather Jewelry

Despite being a solid 18 degrees outside in lovely Chicago, 2 days ago was the first official day of spring. So, in order to keep my sanity in a city that more closely resembles a tundra than any beautiful image of greenery and flowers and growth that the word ‘spring’ conjures up in the mind, I have chosen to engage in something called ‘reality control’ (George Orwell’s 1984, anyone?) and try to force myself to see the beautiful reds of the flowers, green of the trees, blues of the lovely ever frigid lake Michigan (which I maintain looks just gray when it’s cold outside, but, okay, reality control). In order to maintain that mindset during this period where the trees look like something out of a bombed out post-Apocalyptic world and the only green I see while running down the lake shore path is provided by Whole Foods bags caught on the spidery branch fingers of the very barren trees, I have decided to surround myself with the warm weather colors by infusing my outfits-and especially my accessories, with them like these coral, turquoise, and green jade necklaces below. If the red, turquoise, and green weren’t bright enough to help me think warm weather thoughts, I complete each of them using sunny bright yellow gold brass chains and findings with a satin gold finish.

turquoise tube bead necklace 2

IMG_0192Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.06.23 PM

IMG_0173 IMG_0168

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New Necklaces & Cameos

Just picked up a bunch of cameos that I’m absolutely obsessed with. They come in blue, light blue, cobalt blue, yellow, coral, red, black, and more. They also come in 3 sizes, so look out for earrings, rings, and other necklaces. If you like cameos order soon, because orders have already been placed and I haven’t even posted about it yet! (until now).


AND cameo chain necklaces look great mixed with other pieces like this chain necklace with brown & green stones


They will be available on etsy.com/shop/lakeshorelavaliere —
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Lakeshore Lavaliere Customer Photos

Here are some recent photos of wonderful lakeshore lavaliere customers & more new available pieces!


Yes, it’s been proven, the headbands will stay on the heads of small children.

Have 2 or 3 necklaces you want to wear and can’t decide which one to choose? Layered & stacked jewelry is in, so stop worrying and wear them both (all)!

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