Nautical Necklace

This nautical themed necklace is a fun and whimsical piece of jewelry that was inspired by a daydream about hopping a plane and going to Florida. The octopus locket, captain’s wheel, and message in a bottle are all cute maritime themed charms that are meant to invoke images of the sea. The antique bronze finish allows this piece to match with any color scheme. Try this necklace alone or accented with long layered beaded necklaces!

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Wrap Bracelet & Wrap Bracelet with a Twist

Wrap bracelets are still incredibly popular, and I’ve been getting a lot of custom orders for them in many different colors. I love making them because even though the design is the same, each one becomes unique just by changing the color of the leather cord, the beads, or even the clasp.

I’ve even been wearing them everywhere- but, although I love how they look when accenting an outfit for a normal day, the leather cord look doesn’t exactly go with dressier outfits, and I need an elegant bracelet for an upcoming event. So, I decided to try using the same design as the traditional wrap bracelet, but substituted a gold chain and gold wire for the usual leather cord and silk thread. This was the result:




I made one final change to the traditional design, adding a gold flower toggle clasp for an elegant finish.

It turned out to be the perfect accent to a black cocktail dress!

If you like the red bead wrap bracelet with the gold chain & flower toggle clasp, you can click the pictures to access the listing in the lakeshore lavaliere online store! If you’d like a different color bead, or a silver chain, just specify at checkout and I can make the substitutions.


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