Brass Leaf Turquoise Earrings & Accessorizing w/ Jewelry

Bohemian accessories have always been a draw for me; lakeshore lavaliere was definitely borne out of a love for all things bohemian and colorful coupled with a desire to make jewelry and accessories to reflect that love. Obviously if you have read this blog or checked out my etsy shop you’ll see that I have definitely expanded my creative interest to encompass making pieces that are also classic, minimalistic, and/or personalized. I’m having a great time exploring these other interests and creating new and different pieces in new and different styles every day, but I thought that I would go back to my bohemian stylistic roots to create this pair of brass leaf turquoise drop earrings:

Brass Leaf Turquoise Drop Earrings Brass LEaf Turquoise Drop Earrings (Hanging)

To make these earrings, I first hammered out the brass leaves to flatten them & make them easier for my tools to grip. To hang the turquoise gemstone drops from the brass leaves, I punched 3 holes in the bottom of each leaf (with my new metal punching tool that I LOVE LOVE LOVE) through which I looped the brass pin findings. I punched 1 hole in the top of each leaf from which I then hung the respective earring wires. The vibrant gold tone of the brass coupled with the brightness of the turquoise gemstones makes these earrings a bold fashion statement- just keep in mind that less is more when deciding what other accessories to wear! See: tangent on overaccessorizing below. 

Jewelry-Accessorizing Style Tips/Rant/Tangent 
Earrings are one of my favorite accessories- especially chandelier or large dangle earrings. Large sized dangle earrings in the chandelier design are a bold style choice & and can be a great way to accent any outfit as long as you remember to keep other accessories to a minimum.
Example: don’t wear large chandelier earrings with a huge/chunky necklace. Even if the earrings and necklace are individually elegant/classy/beautiful, the jewelry will overwhelm you and even appear tacky.  A necklace and dangle earrings are definitely okay to wear together- just remember that a little goes a long way. You want the jewelry to accent your features, not overwhelm you like this painful-to-look-at picture of the witch from Hocus Pocus (okay, I know her name is Sarah Jessica Parker but I’m mad at her for this horrendous jewelry nightmare and because I’m in love with Matthew Broderick…so she will heretofore be know only as the witch from Hocus Pocus):


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