Monogrammed Sterling Silver Cuff Links

These cuff links were created as a gift, but, after I finished and photographed them, they got such a great response from everyone who saw them, so I decided to make them available for purchase in my  lakeshore lavaliere online shop ( and showcase them here! I made the cuff links from sterling silver discs that I hand stamped with the monogram using a combination of Seymour (a monogram font, and the largest letter in the monogram) and Typewriter/Newsprint fonts (the two smaller outer letters). After I stamped the blanks, I oxidized the letter impressions to darken their appearance and make them stand out from the rest of the disc. Then, I put the discs in my NEW machine jewelry polishing tumbler (I am really excited about it). It makes them so much shinier and smoother than anyone ever could by hand. After they were polished, the monogrammed discs were ready to be attached to the sterling silver cuff link base, which I did by soldering them on. I did this because I don’t like using a glue adhesive on sterling silver, I like using a butane blow torch, and because since cuff links are basically fasteners, they take a bit of a beating and I wanted them to be pretty much welded on so they would last FOREVER. Here are a few pictures of the finished product:

cufflinks 2
cufflinks 1

cuff links 3To order, or to access this listing in the lakeshore lavaliere online shop!- JUST Click the Pictures!

 (At checkout you can specify the initials you would like on yours!)


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