Monogrammed Steel Tie Clips

Personalized accessories are a great gift to give or receive, so I am really excited to finally be able to offer lakeshore lavaliere monogrammed tie clips! These custom ordered tie clips have a spring so that they can clamp onto the ties without sliding around. They also show the different monogram options; there are two styles that are available- the first tie clip shows the  traditional order for monograms, (first initial, larger last initial, middle initial), and the second two show the popular first, middle, last order with all the letters in the same size. In the last tie clip pictured, the customer wanted a Republican elephant symbol. So, after finding the Republican elephant charm online, I soldered it onto the tie clip to finish it off!

Monogrammed Tie ClipTAM Tie Clip TAM Tie Clip 2KEM Tie Clip 1

KEM Tie Clip 3KEM Republican Tie Clip 2

Group of Tie Clips

Click the Pictures to access this listing in the lakeshore lavaliere online shop! (At checkout you can specify the initials you would like on yours!)


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  • If you have any questions, or would like to make a request for a custom order while browsing the lakeshore lavaliere  online shop,  Etsy convo me by clicking ‘contact’on the left hand side of the page
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3 thoughts on “Monogrammed Steel Tie Clips

  1. You definitely wouldn’t confuse your clippers with those of others if they’re monogrammed (which seems to be a recurring issue in our household…)! I’m not quite sure if I’d get one for a friend, but definitely for family members and the like. Thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

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