Marisa On Accessorizing Your Look With Bracelets

I wanted to branch out with the subjects of these blog posts, and when my roommate suggested doing a post on different ways to accessorize your look with jewelry, I was all over it. Before I buy any piece of jewelry, clothing, purse, accessory, etc., I like to try to visualize how it fits with the items that I already own, but sometimes this can be hard.

(if only we all had a computerized rotating closet like Cher’s in Clueless…)

(buttttt…..maybe not with the styles of the mid-90s)

Since we don’t, sometimes it’s nice to see how other people put together their outfits and how they accessorize them. For this blog’s first foray into the style advisory world, Marisa is going to talk about accessorizing with bracelets by stacking them:

Stacking by Marisa 

M: I love my two watches, but I hate wearing the same accessories every day. Stacking different bracelets against my watches has been a great way to switch up my look without spending a ton of money on trendy or junky watches. By stacking a variety of bracelets around my watches, I am able to continually wear the watches as staple pieces and still give my look a fun and trendy edge.

M: Here, I used to just wear my watch and the two bangles. But I love the addition of the gold chain & black string bracelet (courtesy of me, courtesy of my dad, courtesy of Brooks Bros. ). The charms on the bracelet give it depth and the string adds texture to the combination it was lacking. I also think the chain helps to even out the structure of the red bangle. My preppy side loves the red kate spade bangle, but the Brooks Bros. chain bracelet gives it a little boho streak. (gotta love boho jewelry!) 

M: Having a roommate who makes jewelry has also given me so many new options to wear with my existing jewelry and watches.

  • This is true, Marisa is my own personal model and guinea pig for all my new pieces, not to mention one of my best customers. 

M: This look I like a lot for going to class. It’s interesting, but not overpowering.

M: So the bracelet pictured is actually a lakeshore lavaliere necklace! I wrapped the necklace and draped it around my watch to fit as a bracelet. Tip: If you try this with a necklace and it doesn’t fit perfectly, try playing around with the strands over your watch, it helps even it out if a little big. I love how this one piece of jewelry looks like 4 next to my watch.

  • Love the creativity here. Here’s the necklace that she used:                                                                            An alternative to using this necklace as a bracelet is: 

M: Finally, sometimes I like a minimalistic look with my silver watch. This watch is so prominent on its own, I didn’t know what to wear with it at first. I’ve added my own bangle and a lakeshore lavaliere bangle. I love that these two bracelets are so delicate, but still are individually intricate. The pearls on this bracelet are unexpected, and I think that’s what this look accomplishes. It takes a classic style and makes it interesting. Perfect for a situation where you need to be polished, but still want some style.

M: That’s my take on stacking bracelets and integrating new and different types of jewelry with your existing jewelry and watches. Thanks for reading!

  • One final lakeshore lavaliere style tip: Go out and get this accessory that will beautifully accent any of these looks-and any others- today:

lakeshore lavaliere thanks you, Marisa, for sharing your fun style tips and information! We will soon continue this foray into the world of style advice, so look for new posts, tweets, pins, etc., and follow this blog to let you know when we post the new style advice column.

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