Alice in Wonderland Turquoise & Black Cuff Bracelet

This whimsical cuff bracelet was inspired by my FAVORITE book when I was a little girl- Alice in Wonderland. I spent weeks wandering around my yard looking hoping to find rabbit holes to fall down or a talking disappearing cat hanging out in one of our trees after I first read about Alice’s adventures. I was always my mother’s daughter however, and did not search for anything labeled ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’ as she had me convinced that the candy was probably poisoned. So, my first thought upon finding any such bottles or cakes that appeared to help me get into Wonderland would have been that they placed in my yard solely to serve some nefarious purpose. (You have to admit that, outside of Lewis Carroll’s imagination, bottles left out labeled ‘drink me’ & cakes labeled ‘eat me’ probbbbabbblyy aren’t there to aid anyone in any fairy-tale adventures…) But, that’s neither here nor there….I digress. I never encountered any rabbit hole portals to any fairy-tale lands, nor did I encounter a fat grinning philosophizing cat- but I still love the story. The often nonsensical fantasy will always have a special place in my heart- which is why I had to have the pendant(s) depicting Alice with the Cheshire Cat as he sits in his tree. When I started making this cuff bracelet, the specific shade of the turquoise reminded me of an Alice in Wonderland costume I once wore (okay more than once), and I realized that the Alice in Wonderland themed pendant would complete this piece:

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