Delta Delta Delta Wrap Bracelets

My sister is a freshman in college who just finished going through rush. (CONGRATS!) I made these two bracelets for her (figuring she could pick whichever she liked better) in silver, gold, and blue, which are Delta Delta Delta’s colors. Staring into my closet, and at the shelves in my room, I see t-shirts, sweatshirts, and different knick-knacks that represent my college years as a proud Tridelt, and remember how much I loved buying or wearing anything with the Delta Delta Delta letters or our sorority colors on it. But, sometimes my outfits called for me to dress a little bit dressier than whatever event t-shirt/sweatshirt I was lounging around/sleeping/working out/going to class in, and it would have been nice to have some small piece of jewelry that I could wear with basically any type of outfit. I wanted to make my sister something along these lines, something she could wear whenever, and these silver, gold, and blue Tridelt wrap bracelets were the result:



To access the listing in the lakeshore lavaliere online store, just click the pictures!

OR go to to browse this and other listings


OH! AND I FORGOT: I’m going to donate 5% of all of the proceeds from Delta Delta Delta Bracelet purchases from my website to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Delta Delta Delta’s wonderful philanthropy!


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